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Did you know that you can save up to $20,000 a year by investing in inbound marketing versus outbound campaigns? Inbound marketing is considered 54% more effective at generating leads than traditional, outbound methods.

But what is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is essentially selling to people who already want your goods and services. Unlike traditional marketing that wants you to send a specific message to the most number of people through the most visible channels, inbound marketing sends powerful messages to people who are already waiting for your message.

Here’s how inbound marketing works:

  1. Your customers reach your website, Facebook page
  2. Your customers convert by filling out a form with their information to receive notification of special offers and content.
  3. Using data collected from your website, social media pages and intensive market research, you continuously engage your customer through exclusive content and marketing campaigns.

Site Above Solutions Inbound Marketing

Basically, inbound marketing with Site Above is completely different from other firms. While others would give you a formulaic, comprehensive set of methods to develop into a strategy, we build your marketing campaign from the ground up, tailored to your business and your target market.

Your business and target market are unique—therefore we have to develop content, strategies and methods that speak best to your market, based on their diverse profiles.

Customer-centric, brand-specific

Truly effective inbound marketing focuses on setting up a customer experience that is aligned with your brand message. Site Above Solutions works closely with you to develop the strategy  that can make the most of your leads and get you the revenue you need from your internet business.

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